Welcome to the August edition of the Arthur Hudson Site Engineers Newsletter
  • This month we welcome Amanda Papadopoulos as a part time member of our admin team in the office. Amanda has many years experience that she is bringing to the team and has settled in very quickly.
  • Amanda is taking over the office@arthurhudson.com email address and easily contactable through there.
  • For any accounts queries or invoice requests please now contact Vanessa on her new email address accounts@arthurhudson.com

  • Within our engineering team we felt it was time that Craig and Taff our 2 longest standing employees were given more responsibility and have promoted them to Team Leader. This is a great step for them to become team managers and for our engineers to have a close contact for any questions or queries.
  • This is the first time we have done this in Arthur Hudson Site Engineers 13 years of trading and they have both taken the promotion in their stride and we are incredibly impressed with their efforts so far.

  • Please help us make things run smoothly when coming to site by ensuring that when completing SOW documents there is a valid time sheet signatory so that our engineers can get their time sheets signed on site. This will mean that our engineers don't have to keep chasing up time sheets the following week- this saves everyone time and money.

  • This month two more of our employees, Taff and Craig have passed their Mental Health Awareness courses- well done to you both!
  • It is a sobering statistic that every day one person in the Construction Industry takes their own life. Whether this is because of stress at work, at home, or just being under pressure in general it is a devastating waste of a life.
  • There is always someone there to talk, it might not be family or friends that you feel you can reach out to, but there is always someone. You can call The Samaritans on 116 123 or Mates in Mind, who is dedicated to mental health awareness in the Construction Industry on 020 3510 5018.

Welcome to the June edition of the Arthur Hudson Site Engineers Newsletter
  • It is a really busy time for Arthur Hudson Site Engineers, we are actively recruiting for more engineers to join our fast growing company.
  • We have welcomed a new team member this month, Paul Byrne as an engineer. Paul comes to us with over 21 years experience in topographical surveys, measured building surveys, monitoring as-built surveys and setting out

  • We are very passionate about making sure our engineers are happy and looked after. Not just their physical well being but also their mental health. As a result of this both Nick and Katy completed their Mental Health Awareness Courses, well done to them both.
  • Other training that has taken place this month has been Phil who has started his IOSH Managing Safely course, we wish him all the best luck with that, although we know he will do great.
  • We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for your support over the last 12 years. It is due to the great relationships with have with you all that we are able to continue to expand into a bigger and better business.
  • We hope that we can continue to grow, enabling us to consistently give the high quality service that we currently provide, plus allowing us to expand into a bigger and brighter future.

Welcome to the May edition of the Arthur Hudson Site Engineers Newsletter

  • It is a busy time for Arthur Hudson Site Engineers, we are actively recruiting for more engineers to join our fast growing company.
  • Nick and Jane are continually developing and growing the business, which means that Nick isn't always available from site visits.
  • We are booking up fast for the following weeks so if you require an engineer please get in touch with Katy as soon as possible to ensure we have availability.
  • We have had two more engineers complete their PTS this month, this means we now have a total of four PTS engineers at Arthur Hudson.
  • If you have any rail work coming up please do get in touch!

  • ​​​​​​​During this month we had National Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health is equally as important as physical health, and here at Arthur Hudson we take it very seriously.
  • For more information on mental health and some tips you can go to www.mentalhealth.org.uk. You can also call the Samaritans (free) on 116 123 or Mind on 03001233393 if you need someone to talk to.
  • As part of our QA, we get our engineers to complete an EDM checklist every month​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​This means that we can actively monitor the working of our Total Stations and ensure that the survey data is correct, saving our customers both time and money.​​​​​​​

Welcome to the April edition of the Arthur Hudson Site Engineers Newsletter
  • It is a busy time for Arthur Hudson Site Engineers, we are actively recruiting for more engineers to join our fast growing company.
  • Nick and Jane are continually developing and growing the business, which means that Nick isn't always available for site visits.
  • We are booking up fast for the following weeks so if you require one of our fantastic engineers please get in touch with Katy as soon as possible to ensure we have availability.
  • Last month we welcomed our newest recruit, Charlie Fitzmaurice to the team. Charlie has an impressive background in Civil Engineering, most of which he obtained in the British Army. Working all over the world in places like, South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Cyprus and Sierra Leone.
  • He is keen to move our of the Civils side of the industry and move over to learn more about the steel side.
  • A huge well done to both Taff and Billy who completed their IOSH managing safely course.
  • We are also putting out trainee Kallam through his NVQ 3 course in Construction Contracting Operations.
From Nick...
  • April and the clocks change - Spring - traditionally the time of year for a spring clean. A time to declutter and focus on the coming year.
  • In business, we have to adapt and move forward or we decline and fail. I believe that where we can we continue to upskill our team, make our systems more efficient and continue to build our business to be the best Site Engineering firm in the country.
  • People may come and go from the business, but our core values, work ethics and winning attitude will only get stronger

Welcome to the March edition of the newsletter
  • We apologise for missing the February newsletter, after what seemed like the longest January in existence, February seemed to fly by. With both our RISQS and ISO audits coming up it has been a busy few weeks in the office.
  • We are incredibly busy at the moment, which is great. but it does mean that booking an engineer needs to be done with as much notice as possible.
  • We are looking to hire 2-3 new engineers plus an apprentice to help us as we grow

  • Both Billy and Taff are making their way through their IOSH course and are soon to be certified!
  • Kallam has also completed his harness training ready for a new project.

  • We are updating our equipment over the coming months, this month we have 2 new TS09 machines to add to our collection
  • We also have 2 new vans coming to our engineers to keep them safe and happy doing their jobs.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In February we passed our RISQS audit with an amazing 4 star report. Well done to all the office staff who worked so hard to make sure everything was in place to pass our audit.


Katy is a valued member of the office staff here at Arthur Hudson. She deals with the engineer calendar and making sure that all our customers are kept happy. She is our Sentinel Coordinator and deals with everything rail here in the office. We recently had our audit and she helped us achieve a four star rating which we are thrilled with.

Taff is out longest serving employee and has been with us an incredible 11 years. He is well liked and respected out on all the sites he goes to and in the office. It was a pleasure to award him this month's employee of the month. Kallam the trainee that Taff has taken on for us was more than happy to provide him with his voucher.
Welcome to the January edition of the newsletter
  • Happy New Year!
  • We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a prosperous New Year.

  • Welcome to our newest recruit, Kallam Dunn.
  • Kallam is a trainee engineer, coming to us as a bricklayer he is now building the foundations of a new career in surveying.

  • Local work - Hardy Rose Retford
  • Just before Christmas, we were working on a slightly different site to normal, we were surveying this beautiful, derelict church that is currently being renovated.
  • New projects - Bourne Exeter
  • We started on a new site with Bourne Group this year, down in Exeter. As you can see it was a chilly start but an interesting site to be working on!
  • We work closely with the Bourne Group and it's great to expand the variety of sites we work on with them.

  • Undertaking training recently was Vanessa, who passed her Sage book-keeping course. Well done!

  • We are currently working on our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We have had independent consultants in this week helping us to get ready and it's all looking good
Welcome to the December edition of the newsletter
  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of our clients old and new. We hope you have a prosperous new year and look forward to working with you in January.

  • Kostas has completed his First Aid refresher this month.
  • Two of our engineers have also started their IOSH Managing Safely courses, we are looking to train up four of our engineers to manage sites.
  • If you are looking for a site manager for a project, or to cover any annual leave then please get in touch, we have engineers that are fully qualified.

  • We will be open until Friday 21st of December this year. We have some engineers working from the 2nd of January but the office won't be open until Monday 7th, so if you have any engineering requirements for the first week of January please get in touch now to book.

  • This month we welcomed a new trainee Ben Allen to our team. He previously worked in forestry and has come to us to learn a new trade and carve a new career for himself. He has started exceptionally well and we are very proud of his progress

  • We have been on a long term job with Severfield NI in London. Billy took a great shot of some lovely erected truss's down at Crown Street in London.

  • We have done some lovely work in Manchester with one of our newer clients this month Braddan Structures. This was a beautiful shot taken by one of our engineers.

  • We were delighted to be back at the iconic Battersea Power Station site in London this month with Dam

From Nick -
Arthur Hudson is 100% committed to providing a professional and high standard of service. We want to hear from loyal customers like you. Follow us on Twitter at @arthurhudson07 and LinkedIn to keep up to date with all the latest news and let us know what you think about our site service and office support. Your feedback makes us better!
We have introduced an employee reward scheme into the business. We have done this in order to recognise the hard work that our team put in, both on site and with their office work.

Our first one was Wojciech. He had some great feedback from a new customer, from which we were able to get more work. Well done!